Online Page Plus Instant ESN Change

If you are trying to upgrade from a 3G to a 4G LTE device, on Page Plus, and move your number to a new 4G LTE device, currently that CANNOT be done online. You MUST call 800-550-2436 and have a live representative do that for you.  DO NOT ORDER AN ESN CHANGE if you are trying to upgrade to a 4G LTE device.



Before you do a new activation, you really should do an ESN Validation on the MEID/ESN you want to activate, to be sure it is not blacklisted.  Our services are non-refundable, so this will save you a fee in case your device is blacklisted.  Click here to do an ESN Validation FREE.  If it comes back clear, and available for use, then you can proceed with this service if you wish.

You have two pricing options.

Both options are non-refundable.  VALIDATE FIRST!

$19.99 - Normal Service (1 Hour or Less)
$24.99 - Executive Service (15 Minutes or Less)

Both services include the ability to do an ESN Change Reversal in case your new device does not work, or an ESN Change Correction if you enter the wrong ESN Number during the ESN Change process.

Our system goes OFFLINE completely between 11:30pm EST and 1:30am EST each night.  No transactions will occur during this 2 hour period, no matter which pricing option you choose.  All transactions submitted during this timeframe will be processed after 1:30am EST when the system comes back online.  Otherwise, normal processing times apply.


Information about the Verizon iPhone 4 and 4S use on Page Plus Cellular:  For years now when you asked us about whether you could use an iPhone 4 or 4S on Page Plus, we had to tell you that you could not.  That has now changed. 

We are very pleased to announce that the CDMA Apple iPhone 4 and 4S devices are now officially allowed to be activated on Page Plus!

This change in policy applies to the iPhone 4 and 4S models only.  The other models, the iPhone 5, 5C and 5S are still not able to be used on Page Plus at this time, simply because they are 4g LTE devices and we cannot support 4g LTE (YET!)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  4g LTE devices, that require a SIM CARD, will not work on Page Plus without being flashed.  We do not provide or assist with flashing services of any kind.  If you have a 4g LTE device that you are trying to get to work on Page Plus, please visit our 4g LTE FLASHING FORUMS on Kitty Forums by clicking here to do your research first.


What is this service?:  An ESN Change is used to move an existing Page Plus phone number from one phone device to another phone device.  Your balance/plan/minutes will follow your number to the new device. 


PLEASE ONLY ORDER ONE (1) ONLINE SERVICE PER ORDER.  If you need to order more than one of a service, or more than one type of service, please come back to our website and order each service separately. Our system is not designed to accommodate multiple services on one order.  Thanks!

An ESN Change is used to move an existing Page Plus phone number from one phone device to another phone device.  Your balance/plan/minutes will follow your number to the new device. 

If your ESN Change is unsuccessful, you will be given the chance to try again with another attempt, free of charge.

What you can expect during an ESN Change:

1.  Once you add this item to your cart, and checkout to pay for it, you will need to complete the ESN Change Form.

2.  The activation form asks for your email address, your Page Plus Cellular Phone Number, the MEID of your OLD phone and the MEID of your NEW phone.

3.  Once you submit this, as long as it is not during the 11:30pm - 1:30am EST maintenance timeframe, you should get a response within 60 minutes with your activation results, or within 15 minutes if you chose the Executive level service.

4.  The email with your ESN Change results will confirm the Page Plus Cellular Number, your OLD MEID and your NEW MEID.  It will also contain basic instructions on how to program your new device.

5.  After your phone is programmed, and your test call is made, there is a link inside the email to come back to our site and purchased a plan or minutes for your phone, if it does not already have one on it!

Please note that our part of this transaction is to move your phone number from one ESN to another ESN.  That's it.  If you have trouble programming your phone, that's not our responsibility UNLESS you purchased the phone from us.  We will give you as much assistance as we can with programming your phone, including giving you a phone number to dial for extra help, however, this service is NON-REFUNDABLE *as long as* our system did the ESN Change and moved the number to another device.

IF YOU DO NOT KNOW YOUR MEID/ESN OF YOUR OLD DEVICE, AND THE NEW MEID/ESN YOU ARE CHANGING TO, OUR ONLINE ESN CHANGE WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU!!  In this case you MUST call Page Plus Cellular directly at 800-550-2436 to do your change.

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After you checkout and make your payment, you will be brought to a form that you MUST complete in order for this transaction to be processed. 




Order A Normal ESN Change

Order An Executive ESN Change

We prosecute fraud. We aggressively detect & prosecute all forms of identity fraud, credit card fraud & theft of services or plans.  If we even remotely suspect fraud, your information will end up on the desk of a detective at the Internet Crime Center immediately.  You have been warned.